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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Music Music Music

Can't live without it :-) Have to have it on all the time. Goes way back to being a little kid. Both my parents love music. My Dad plays the Flamenco guitar. I love anything from hip hop to classic jazz, as long as it has whatever ingredience appeals to my senses. It's not just about hearing either, it plays with other senses and influences everything from how one feels to what one wants to eat.

In the last 2 years, I have been introduced to an online radio station that comes from California. Myself and my partner love it. It has added much to my playlist which I listen to off and on but mainly add to so it is there, a collection of all the songs from past and present, that I love listening to.

The online station plays world music and some mainstream, recent and old music, most appeals, some doesn't. It has a community you may participate in if you like, a song rating system, and all kinds of things, even a slide show of listeners photos. It is called Radio Paradise.

The site I have my playlist built on is Grooveshark. I wish though I could listen to my playlist at work too but it'd take too much useage and slow things down if everyone streamed music, so we can't.

Radio Paradise

My Groovehsark Playlist

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