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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Flowers Flowers Some Plants and More Flowers

Although I was never in to painting or drawing flowers, and don't enjoy receiving flowers in many cases (feel bad when they die and get tossed), I often cannot resist exciting visuals to do with them on many of our walks.

Anything with different lighting situations going on will attract my eye, make me stop, and try to compose in my view finder, an image that will allow me to take with me a reminder of that exciting visual. There are literally zillions of small little things that catch the eye on walks, especially after a rain. Lots of opportunity for "ye ole cliche water droplets on petals and leaves photos". Other attractions are the transparency of the leaves and petals, cast shadows, bees going for pollen,and vibrant and contrasting colours. There are just millions of reasons to find plants and flowers to be exciting subjects.

These images come from both Edward's Garden's and a walk near the GM plant in Oshawa, on the east side of Second Marsh, near the Darlington Provincial Park entrance.

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