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Thursday, 20 June 2013

I LOVE Canadian Authors!!!

I have always read, since I can recall. It began with my mother introducing me to Stephen King when I was in grade 4 or 5 - first significant memory of me and my love of reading being eternally emeshed anyway. Probably Not the best choice to give a 9 year old Stephen King, or JAWS for that matter (a funny memory was being asked to read it to the other kids at the school bus stop 'cause their parents wouldn't let them see the movie lol!). I should have just told them I'd be glad to trade them Moms lol! (would make a best seller 200+ pages long in itself but I'm not a writer really). However, by grade 9 I was reading things like The Gulag Archipelago, and other such humongous books.

I have been one who basically refuses to buy books. The library was like my second home and I'm sure with all the late fines (a bad habit of mine I can't seem to shake even now) I probably was one of their largest financial supporters lol! (Block Buster and Rogers probably loved me too). Anyway, I read as much as possible, often to and from work on the Go and also at lunch. I make it a habit to read about 10mins before bed most nights too as it relaxes the mind and makes one sleepy (not that the book is boring always).

My favourite books that I luck out and choose randonly and end up Loving are usually by Canadian writer. Except, and I know I am in the minority, I do not care for Margaret Atwood. I love Margaret Laurence though! I think what it is with Canadian novels, they tend to be about People - everyday people and life and they often are in a written style that breaks through to the bare bones, states things simply yet effectively. Very hard to describe in words, especially since I am no writer really.

Right now I am reading a book called Nights Below Station Street. It is fantastic, right up my alley for falling into the vein of writing that I most love.

One thing I do love is going to the library and just pickign 6 or 7 books randomly and hitting on a little gem I will not forget :-)

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