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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Turtles Laying Eggs

On a recent walk, we were so lucky to run into turtles up on land attempting to lay eggs. This is apparently a very long and vulnerable process for them. The temperatures need to be right as well.

We ran into wood frames with wire mesh centers sitting on the ground with rocks on top to weight them down. Signs told us that the Conservation Authority wants to try to protect the turtle's nests from predators and give the turtles a better chance for survival. Despite this effort, we did see dug up turtle nests, destroyed eggs, as well as a nest that had even been gotten to under the protective cover. The wood frame with wire had been dug under and pushed aside by probably a raccoon, and the eggs eaten.

One of the covers was over what appeared to be a partially dug up nest, with some empty soft turtle shells around it, but in the opening, untouched turtle eggs could be seen. We wondered if the partially exposed eggs would end up surviving. Not sure what went down here but there was a cover over this partially exposed nest.

As we continued on the path, ahead, right in the center of the path, was a large snapping turtle. A little scary to have to walk past but really incredible to get a close look at her. She'd be out there for hours, digging a hole and laying eggs. An hour or so after walking one way past her, we saw her on our way back, still digging. The second turtle we ran into was a painted turtle, but she just seemed to be sitting.

It'd be awesome to get to see the little hatched turtles running for the marsh but it's luck really, being in the right place at the right time, that would allow us that exciting experience.

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