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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Swan Babies and Funny Muskrats

2 Julys ago, we walked along Victoria Street, towards Lynde Shores all because I had wanted to see the baby swans that John had mentioned he spotted on a run one morning. We were approaching the bridge that goes over the marsh and I said that I guess we aren't going to see them. As I spoke the words, what happened is what can happen often on our outting, something will suddenly appear right after I make a statement along the lines of, "guess this is a more boring walk today", or "well, we haven't really seen anything today" or "it's funny we haven't seen the such and such this year yet." It seems to always trigger the appearance of something amazing, funny or new, never fails :-)

This past weekend, after a bit of time at Halls Rd., we decided to stop at the 2nd look out area path on the way back. Suddenly, there's a swan with babies! A first sighting of them this year. We saw lots of swans on nests and wondered if we'd get to see signets again this year. We saw them at a bit younger stage than last year and the first year so it was cool!

There were some funny sightings the last weekend too. Muskrats are active again this year in the marsh. The 2 that hang around at aHalls Rd. were funny this weekend - one swam right up to the other then climbed over it, after rubbing its face on the other's back, and then climbed down and continued on its way. Crazy.

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