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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Gorgeous Textures and Beautiful Skies at the Pier

The last couple of nights, we've revisited Whitby Harbour and the pier, something we've not done much since discovering other areas.

There's been some beautiful skies and some gorgeous textures on the water. We've seen the Bonaparte's Gull several times now, which is cool. The terns go nuts fighting each other over a fish catch and the Killdeer are running all over the construction site.

People have their boats out and you can see tons of sail boats dotting the horizon, far out in the lake.

It is a nice walk in the evening. There's lots of opportunity for people watching, as well as birds, animals and flowers. The chip truck's been closed every time we've walked down there though, dang - probably a good thing though lol!

baby swallow in tree branch

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