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Monday, 21 April 2014

Quick Stop at Halls Rd.

Going into Whitby to pick up my kids, we decided to head early and stop at our old favourite area, Halls Rd. In spring, all kinds of cool migratory birds, such as Ruby Crowned Kinglets, etc. can often be seen there and quite close. There weren't any yet however, there were lots of cool ducks on top of the regular Mallards! We saw Blue Winged Teals, Shovellers, Buffle Heads, Gadwalls all frisky, and Coots (not technically a duck). They were less timid too and I managed to get closer images of them.

It was a nice weekend. Having spent time with my family, things were nice and happy, and seeing my kids and having lots of fun with them, getting out to Kleinberg to see the Mary Pratt show, going for a long hike and seeing our old area - can't ask for a better Easter and birthday weekend.

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