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Saturday, 19 April 2014

My D90

I've had the opportunity to use my replacement camera, the D90 I bought recently, that replaces my shot D70 temporarily till I can afford the Nikon DF.

My D90 in many ways, has proven to produce better images than the D70S I had, which I was completely happy with in most respects. One thing that is welcomed with the D90 is the higher ISO ability and less colour noise (the little colored specks that fill in dark areas when there is low light and a high ISO setting like 600 and above used). There were ways to reduce noise using Photoshop on my images that I took in lower natural light conditions but it tended to compromise the sharpness of the subject/s too much and even a program such as Sharpinion couldn't resurrect them completely in all circumstances. The D90 I see has far less, almost nil noise in a dark image shot at 600 than my D70 had. I am happy :-) This is an aspect as an artist that I wished so much existed in a camera way back even before digital was around in consumer SLRs. You just could Not point and shoot a camera in very low light, no flash, such as evening light on a face, candle light on a table, lake shots up north in that last indigo light over the water and expect to get a clear shot or grain less image. I hate tripods, always have, I like to swing my camera and hold it and compose by moving around, to be able to grab something fast. I also despise the flash, I want naturally lit images, as I see them, the light being why the image appeals to me in the first place 9 times out of 10, so I Love the fact that a DSLR can now take a pretty good image, close to what your eye sees, free hand! A second thanks has to go to Image Stabilization too. So, both those factors being invented and implemented into SLRs, bring a camera closer to what I want to be able to do with it. If only it was there when I was deliberately shooting images for painting reference back when I was painting.

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