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Friday, 19 July 2013

Whitby Fire Cooling Us Down at the Harbour

This week has been hitting temperatures of over 90 degrees and with no air in our place, it's been a little hard to take for sleeping and such. But, ah well, it's life lol!

We went for a walk to the pier, probably about 8pm, on the Monday. It was Just as hot out at the waterfront but it was a fun walk.

The sky was brilliant for one thing. Besides that, I got a chancer to get some different subject matter than jsut birds and animals and plants. The Whitby Fire Department was down pumping water from the lake and spraying it back over the channel where the boats come in and out. The jet ski guy was lucky because he got to feel the spray as he went by. I am sure the rest of the peole on the pier were silently wishing they'd turn and spray us because it was filthy rotten sticky sweaty Hot lol!!!!

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