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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Mink Playing at Whitby Harbour

We've run across these creatures at various times on different outtings, around Durham Region. Minks! Actual minks, right near where we live. Crazy. However, by looking into it, we learned they are not uncommon in Southern Ontario at all, near the lakes, rivers, and marinas.

The other night at Whitby Harbour, we spotted a pair, frolicking, wrestling and swimming, near the shore, in an area not really accessible by foot but close enough to see from the railinged walkway beside the inlet.

So cute! They were wrestling and then would come up on the rock, sit beside each other, then back at it. It was getting dark so the shots I got weren't fantastic but nice to get anyway. A lone heron stood on one of the rocks as well, right near them. One mink swam out and then climbed up on a rock outcrop which is made up of clean fill most likely, with metal pipes and such sticking out. Made for such an odd scene, living creature becoming part of a silhouetted man made materials, all becoming visually one urban sculpture.

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