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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Creating with my Original Photos

Years ago, I opened a Zazzle account. Mainly, I created products which featured reproductions of my original artwork. Slowly, I began working with my original photos.

Zazzle has taken some huge strides since I first began there. The product variety is huge, the creative possibilities are almost limitless, and quality of the products I have test ordered were good. The canvas bag I carry to work everyday, I personalized with an image I shot, and I was thrilled with the quality, and that was even using a cropped image which I had to resample and wasn't wite the ideal file size (not recommended if not for oneself).

Recently, I have begun to consider taking advantage of Zazzle again, and creating products featuring images I have taken, of which I have thousands.

A favourite item I created recently, inspired by my love of reading and a photograph from one of our favourite places, Lynde Shores in Whitby, is a Kindle case. I have shared it and the link to the item below.

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