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Saturday, 3 August 2013

My Zazzle Store

I have not been posting much in here lately, having decided to devote a lot of my leisure time to building my Zazzle store, Natural Design. I do have another blog dedicated just to my store as well.

I have shot so many images over the last few years, hundreds of which I really love, some have become all time favourite captures of mine! I approach my photography artisitically first, technically second. It is not as satisfying as painting, but it is coming closer each day for me.

My store has many choices and designs, many have been born from images I have shot and enjoy, and have been enjoyed by others who have seen them as well. Zazzle is a wonderful venue and the products I myself have purchased, in the past and just recently, have solidified my opinion in Zazzle as a Great venue. It is owned by the same family who started it over a decade before.

My Store on Zazzle

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