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Friday, 30 August 2013

Little Beautiful Things

Often when we go on walks, it is the tiny little things that are the most visually exciting to run across. We've found teeney little interesting pieces of bone, itsy bitsy little coloured pebbles, and lots of tiny little things that are just so cool! When birds and animals are scarce, the plants, leaves, flowers and rocks draw your attention. I've always loved small little textures, neat cast shadow effects, and gorgeous texture and color on stones. If one really looks close, the smallest little thing that would normally go unoticed jumps right out and excites the eye!

If I had a macro lens, my walks would probably be 10 hours, I'd get about 10 feet and I'd have 1000+ pictures to download! It'd be obsessive pic taking here we come lol! So, maybe not but it is tempting and I often say' "I wish I had a macro for this!" I think it'd drive me nuts though, I'd be manic lol! And that is just on our local walks, I could Imagine if I ever got to go on a vacation Outside my area lol!

There are just so many really beautiful little things out there :-)

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