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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Butterfly Day Walk at Doris McCarthy Trail

One of our favourite places to go, is the Doris McCarthy Trail in Scarborough. It's great exercise due to the incline and ruggedness of the hike back up, plus it is alive with local and migratory birds, dragonflies, bees, butterflies, deer, wild flowers, and leads to the shores of Lake Ontario.

Our favourite time to go there is late afternoon/evening due to the really beautiful evening light, back lighting photo opportunities, and it isn't quite as busy with people and dogs as much later on. Early morning would be great too, where there'd be a better chance of seeing deer, though we have seen them in the afternoon too. We often spot their tracks down by the water in the damp clay and sand spots.

The hike on Saturday produced quite a few sightings and photo opportunities for butterflies. We spotted the Red Admiral, Silver Spotted Skimmer, White Cabbage, tiny orange moths, Mourning Cloak, and little purple guys whose names I forget right now.

For birds, we saw cardinals, chipping sparrows, heard a white throated sparrow, saw baby robins in a nest, American gold finches, cedar wax wings, terns and gulls fishing.

We even saw a mommy spider with baby spiders on her back, for the second time down there lol!

Such a great place to visit and an awesome work out.

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