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Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Butterflies are Here :-)

Though it is hard to believe that for our hike, we actually had to layer and I wore my thin scarf for it because the temperatures this June are quite chilly. Despite that though, it was sunny and there were quite a few butterflies and dragonflies around!

We hiked the Doris McCarthy trail in Scarborough, which is a steep and beautiful path that heads down to the shores of Lake Ontario It is a fairly natural path, cutting in between the bluffs. Lots of wild flowers, blossoming trees, deer can be seen, a red tailed hawk is a resident there, lots of birds, and an abundance of butterflies, including the Eastern Swallow Tail. Terns and gulls hunt fish down at the lake's shoreline and in the little inlet area to the west of the path. Bank swallows nest in the clay of the bluff's cliff side, killdeer and sandpipers can be often seen running or foraging along the shoreline.

The most entertaining sight on our hike was the seagulls, playing with some black thing they found in the water. Picking it up, dropping it, retrieving it, chasing each other for it, then just sitting in the water holding it, then abandoning it eventually. We were not sure at the distance we were at, just what the thing was.

We even spotted a mom spider carrying a load of babies on her back lol!

All in all, we love this trail, it is one of our favourite areas to visit.

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