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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Our Old Haunt

We decided today that we wanted to visit our old area, the area we loved, the enjoyment and walks having been long missed since our move in October 2013 not to mention the pretty icy and cold winter we've had. Halls Rd. and Lynde Shores, we missed you :-)

 Having first arrived, we ran into a really nice guy we knew from a couple years back, a nice and knowledgeable guy who used to do guided Rouge walks, one of which we went along on back in 2011 or so. He mentioned he hadn't seen a lot around on his walk this morning. He did however give us some tips of where to walk, off the beaten path trails, in our new area, near the Bluffs in Scarborough. Lots of dragon fly species and butterfly species he says are often only seen on those specific trails, which we look forward to checking out now! At Halls Rd., there were cute Chickadees and some American Tree Sparrows, the Red squirrel was out and about too, but nothing to exciting at Halls. The lake was high up on shore, and we saw that the ice storm didn't spare Halls Rd. - lots of downed branches and trees.

We headed over to Lynde Shores. The ice patterns on the marsh were cool! We headed along the chickadee path and sure enough, there were the usual Wild Turkeys. There were lots of squirrels, lots of Nut Hatches, tons of Black Capped Chickadees, and we saw Red Cardinals and some sort of sparrow we couldn't quite identify.

There was a raptor of some sort, which flew across and into a mid dense tree area. We knew it was a raptor but we couldn't quite tell which exact one. It was a hawk of some sort.

As we neared the back area, as usual, there were suddenly a bunch of exciting bird visitors :-) The most exciting creature, who flew right near John and right at eye level, was the resident Red Bellied Woodpecker. We had heard her but hadn't spotted her yet. Right after that, I couldn't keep my camera still for then a male and female Downey Woodpecker couple joined us and right after that, a female Hairy Woodpecker. They were closer than usual. So adorable and looked very healthy!

Hope to get a few more pics up after these here. Loving using my zoom lens again having replaced  my broken camera!

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