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Sunday, 16 March 2014

New Camera!

With the coming of Spring, Summer, and my daughter's grad most importantly, I really needed to be able to use my camera and my zoom lens.

Originally, we were trying to save for the Nikon DF. Though that camera is ideal for the artist/photographer mix that I am I would be sacrificing other possible expenses, like a car break down, etc.,  too much to purchase an almost $3000 camera. We saw a used D90 at an amazing price so we grabbed it. It is an upgrade from my D70 which broke down finally after 7+ years and over 30000+ actuations of the shutter (I was lucky).

I am thrilled to have my camera replaced! I hope for it to last a year or 2 until we may be in a better position to buy a camera that should then pretty much be a long time lasting purchase as it is a camera that would be worth taking in to be repaired. Walks and photo taking were my leisure and enjoyment :-) They were a constant mini vacation :-) The joy we got from them was indescribable. Now we have that again :-)

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