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Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Guildwood Inn - Had No Idea!

Ok, it was news to me that the Guildwood Inn was long abandoned, and not recently either. I myself have never been there, open or closed. Never attended a function there, never set foot on the grounds, nothing. My boyfriend's daughter was the one from whom I learned it was a closed up place. I know that you had to have money to have your wedding there at the time it did exist, it was a "ritzy place". This made it seem even more impossible that it could have been abandoned.

It's actually quite something to walk around there. There are all kinds of huge salvaged sections of stone, pillars, walls, ornaments, from the early 20th century Toronto buildings. Lots of cliche shit for photographer's to take pics of lol! Much of it is quite fascinating. Structures in marble and stone from another time and space, dislodged from their original environment, from their long ago everyday presence, now surreal, wondrous and out of place seeming in their permanent home by the Bluffs. The surface texture alone on many of them is fascinating and gorgeous.

The sounds we heard as well were amazing. An owl was Definitely heard! As well, my favourite, the distant call of the Long Tailed Ducks out on the lake.

We hope to go there again in spring and summer.

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