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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Saving my Pennies for the Nikon DF

It will be a Long saving wait I'm sure. However, I feel it is worth it instead of replacing my down for the count D70 with basically what would just be a newer version of the same thing that in 5 yrs or so time will then need replacing again. I got 7 yrs out of my D70, with the majority of the images shot in the last 3 years so I cannot complain, I got lucky with it and it was a great camera.

However, I want to use my old Nikkor lenses on a digital SLR and though it was possible with the D70, you were basically winging it. With this, it seems like it will be better a possibility! I have 2 great old lenses that I bought used but are considered excellent still. One I bought specifically to shoot portrait painting reference. I want to be able to use them.

Another reason this camera would be a good investment is that it handles low light and high iso settings well, eliminating noise (grainy speckled dots of colour).

This is a camera I should not need to replace for a long long time. I am not the "gotta get the newest gadget" type anyway, I use what works for me, what does what I need and gives results I like, regardless of how old it is. I also have No use for video capability so as Ken Rockwell so aptly puts it in the review I link to below "good riddance" lol! That and bye bye to an auto flash - the way I love to shoot I have no use for that little tool either.

Ken Rockwell has quite a good resource of investigations and reviews on literally hundreds of different cameras, etc. I was introduced to his reviews by my boyfriend. The one for the Nikon DF is actually quite funny at times as well, though to some persons I can see it being taken as a bit harsh or offensive, even snobby lol! However, I feel it is good and worth the read. What draws me to this camera is that it is a camera for the artist/photographer and not just the technical concerned photographer.

The Review by Ken Rockwell

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