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Monday, 31 March 2014

First Real Feeling Spring Day of 2014 - The Bluffs

Well, for me anyway, in terms of being outside purposefully. There have been about 2 so far, that felt Springish, since Mar 20th. We didn't get out for a walk this past weekend, mainly because I was occupied Sunday with fun plans with my daughter, using tickets I received from work for the Toronto Rock game which we really enjoyed! We ran into the gold medal bob sled girl there, Kailie Humphries, almost bumping into her and her girlfriend, but by the time my daughter recalled her name she was too far to approach, say hi, congrats and ask if she minded taking a photo with my daughter. "Running" into her made my daughter's day though! Man, me not being an athlete and into sports, I would Never have known who she was lol! I enjoyed spending the day with my daughter.

Right after I got home from work, John and I headed to Bluffers Park to see if we would be honoured with the presence and a sighting of the Buffle Heads and the Mink. The Buffies we saw but no Minkie showed. Another time maybe :-)

There was, crazy as it seemed (ok, it's not That warm out) , a jet skier down seemingly testing a jet ski with a group of people. Though I guess it caused the ducks and swans to slightly freak out and fly, it ended up giving me some birds in flight and various swan water ballet photo opps lol! The birds would fly a bit of a ways away, eventually come back in, just to fly out again when he circled and returned.

Though I'm not a big Scarborough fan (yet we live here now) it was fun and seeing the Buffles so close compared to Whitby where you'd need a 600+ mm zoom just to see them, being that they are chickens there, it was cool to see them closer and actually see their shimmery colors in the dark neck patterns.

Not sure what was up with the odd dude, his friend, and his toy...

It was quite mucky there and we (mostly me) ended up with shoes deep in the mud not to mention tons of goose poop that was all over the mucky grass too.

One thing that tells you it's Spring is seeing the Red Winged Black Birds and hearing their call, not to mention seeing one spread eagled precariously across 2 marsh grasses staring right at us :-)

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