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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Yesterday at Halls Rd.

We went for a short walk yesterday beofre heading to visit friends nearby. Halls Rd. is always fun, you are always guaranteed to run across something fascinating, even if your visit is short.

Today we saw a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, a Black and White Warbler, some pretty fat ass Gold Finches, lots of crazy Chipmunks collecting food for the impending winter, and the highlight were the 3 or 4 pairs of Hummingbirds. Some of the dragonflies we spotted were almost as large as the hummers so we kept getting mixed up every time they whipped by. They like those little orange flowers called Jewelweed, which give them lots of energy. Those flowers also can soothe itchy bug bites and stinging nettle irritations, etc. You take the flower right off the plant and rub it on the affected area.

There were a whole bunch of Cormorants in the marsh today too, seemingly bathing or maybe fishing. Egrets and seagulls also seemed to be everywhere, looking like they were hunting. So maybe a whole group of fish hatched lately. All the Bluejays were efatherless on the head too lol! Must be molting time again.

We also got lucky and spotted the Belted Kingfisher out in the marsh perched right on a reed in the open. Too far to get a great shot without a 600mm lens, which I don't possess, but still cool :-)

A weird site we stumbled across, admiring little stones at the water's edge, were Lady Bugs all over the stones, crawling around. Not sure where they all came from.

A few weekends back we ran across the baby turkeys. Again on this walk we ran across them, now bigger. They were so cute! The parent turkeys were chasing them off the bird seed, survival of the fittest I guess, even between parent and young lol!

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