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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Stop Over Before Dinner with Friends

Since were were heading out to the Durham Region area for a dinner with friends, we decided to stop at a farm road on the way that we often went to for walks when we lived in Whitby. There were tons of people down there. One, because it was Family Day weekend, and two because it was a mild weekend, and last but not least, three, because most likely the sightings.

It was slightly damp and wet there, since we were there fairly late in the day. However, it was worth it, worth being chilled and damp feeling, because we saw tons of deer and we got to see the barred owl! We haven't seen the barred owl in that area since 2012. It was nostalgic, and we were glad to see this owl was extremely healthy looking and content there, as in 2012. They must love this area as they stay a long time, which means probably that there is food there for them.

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