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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Great Studio Painting Lights for Artists

These lights live in our bedroom, where my husband's easel stands, and where he works during the day painting. They are from Lumicrest Lighting Solutions. He purchased these lights for excellent colour accuracy, clean light, easy on the eyes, the help they give to older artist's eyes that require good illumination of sharpness and clarity. He has 2 suspended from our bedroom ceiling, and they can be swivelled.

Though bright, he is right, they are not hard on the eyes when just on for general "I need to see in my bedroom" use. I am not a lover of bright light. I like dim, warm, ambient light in my living space. It also means that I cannot paint the walls a nice medium terracotta rose colour either, as they need to stay relatively light. However, I'd not really have a choice as both concessions are required anyway lol! 

I am sharing this Toronto based lighting supplier because he knows what he is talking about as well as being a good supplier of working lighting for artists in the GTA.

There are many uses for these lights, they are not just for visual artists. By visiting their website, you will learn all the details. As well, their Youtube videos are informative. The one I linked to is a good one to start with.

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