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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Point Pelee Trip 2016

Finally getting around to going through my photos from Point Pelee, which my husband and I visited mid May.

We have been saying for 4 years or so, that we want to make the trip down there. It was going to be a bit pricey because it is a 4 1/2 hr drive or so, from where we live, so staying over was basically a necessity. So, I made it kind of like my 50th birthday, and our 2nd year wedding anniversary, and my one sort of "bigger" vacation activity for this year, all rolled into one. We stayed at the Talbot Trail Inn, which as I mentioned in my earlier Rondeau Post, was super great! We saved on eating out by doing a grocery shop for all our lunch and brekkie stuff, and had a nice one night of the 2 we were there, dinner out at Armando's Italian restaurant. There are not a lot of restaurants to choose from in Leamington, so it seemed to us, actually.

Pelee is a pretty much full day hiking day, so we took lunch, snacks and water, as well as sun screen to reapply. We were gone 8 hours and we walked pretty much the whole distance, stopping our car 2 times in 2 areas, to park then walk, as well as the last little bit, we jumped on the trolley train to the point drop off, and walked down to the point. The point is actually not a large amount of land, mainly it is just a narrow point that reaches out into the lake, and it has a tree right on it's edge. The waves were quite surly the day we were there so it was cool seeing all the water splashing up onto the point. It can be quite perilous so one needs to be careful there, and not be venturing too close to the tip nor trying to enter the water.

There were quite a few beach areas to walk along, gorgeous textures on the long fallen and dried huge tree trunks of drift wood. The marshland there is hugely expansive, far beyond what we are used to seeing in Toronto or the Durham Region, which also does boast of quite a few natural wetland areas. There is a few story wood walk up tower platform which allows one to look far over the marshland into the distance. It is like being in another place other than Ontario. We were treated to a real close encounter with all the nesting barn swallows under the steps of the wood walk up.

What can I say, people go there that time of year, mainly because they are birders. Granted, in the Toronto area, especially at Tommy Thompson Park, you hear and see a lot of birds and a large variety of migrant and resident birds at that. However, it was noticeably well increased at Point Pelee, both in sounds and sighting. Warblers are everywhere, just popping up and in and out all around us. Catbirds, even a Scarlet Tanager. The elusive worm eating warbler though, that many die hard photographer birders were looking for there, eluded John and I lol! Some did see it though, we heard in conversations as we passed others on the paths.

There were also trees there that one does not see in eastern Ontario as much. One being the Kentucky Coffee Tree. Some of the oldest existing trees we have grow along one path there at the park. It's very awe striking if one is into trees.

Quite unexpected, was to discover a male turkey, in full display, stalking the female turkeys, all of them on the beach near the point, in the evening light. Not a bird we would have imagined seeing there lol!

What a gorgeous place on earth Point Pelee is, even the surrounding towns, and the road leading to the park entrance, with people's homes right on the shores of Lake Erie, waves crashing up against their backyard shoreline.

yellow warbler in nest

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