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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

My New Art Website

About 4 1/2 years ago, I deleted my art website. I wasn't going to be taking on commissions any more, and painting wasn't going too well suddenly anyway. It ended up that once I got tri-focals, the painting part began working again, though I'm rusty having come from painting 5 times a week at least previously, to roughly a few hours on weekends now.

Having said that though, I really am reluctant to take on commissions any more. I find that if I feel that I cannot complete them when family stuff and such comes up, high anxiety and irritability sets in, plus losing entire weekends to essentially "working" after working all week is not how I want to spend my 50s and 60s. So, unless it is a special request, I am going to be trying to keep my painting for personal use and enjoyment only. That way, I'm not tied to a deadline I thought I could meet with relatively low stress, only to find out as it draws closer, that I may not be able to because unforeseen things come up and I have to drop working on a commission the odd time.

However, I felt that if I want to enter any juried exhibitions, I need to have a stand alone art only website again. It basically displays my past pieces that I have images of. Some, taken with an old film point and shoot, are not the greatest, and I lost a whole CD full of ones I previously sold, I do have quite a few pieces documented.

My husband, who is very good with the new html and up to date CSS and all that stuff I don't know, as well as Bootstrap, built my site. It tests out error free and works perfectly on all devices :-) The only thing lacking is maybe some of the paintings :P lol!

I designed the layout, I wanted film strips that scrolled, and I wanted just small blurbs about each medium. It was difficult to recall all the past juried shows, accomplishments, associations I was affiliated with, etc., even though I have a good memory. Lots of that stuff I still have packed up in boxes. I have 4-5 newspaper articles that were written about me and my work, one was a supplement in the Sunday Sun in Toronto, by a woman who I think was named Ruth West, most were just local papers from the Durham Region area. Those I can't be sure of the exact dates, so I didn't bother putting in that info. Some I could double check still on line, though the info was a decade or more old in some cases. So, my bio basically consists of most things, and isn't too long. Who wants to read that stuff anyway lol! Looking at pictures is much more fun.


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