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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Bit of Painting in Today

Had to skip last weekend as I had some things to do and had a nice lunch out with a dear friend I don't see often.

Managed to get an hour and a bit in today. It will be the last I can do until after Christmas as I need to clear all my work stuff away for guests. It'll be nice having all the kids here and my Dad.

I needed to find some sort of basic reference for the menu as pretty much the whole thing was blown out in the way the phone camera handled the white of the menu, in the original photo. So, found a menu and had to take it into Photoshop and change the perspective plus do some blurring of it. I have it roughed in. It may change later on, depending on what the surrounding elements do to its values once they are more complete. One thing that will be difficult to work out just from my head is the reflections or any shadows below the hand and fingers, on the menu, as her hand in the original shot was not there. A new reference image of my own hand on a reflective surface in the same lighting condition may need to be produced.

Bear with me with the not so fantastic cell phone pic of this weekend's progress :-) Cell phones have teeney tiny sensors and they tend to smooshy smooshy the image and have lots of noise..

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