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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Beginning an Acrylic Portrait on Primed Hard Board

Having completed the large figure drawing in April, that I was working on for a year and a half or so.

Venturing back into painting after about a 4 year hiatus, I have chosen to paint a portrait of my daughter. The inspiration came from a dinner at a Mexican restaurant that myself, the kids, my Dad and my husband went to. The atmosphere was really neat, the deep red and the light from the window on my daughter, all of it I loved.

My surface is Jack Richeson Premium Gessoed Hardboard, 12x16 in and 1/8" thick. Having given away all my acrylics to my sister, who paints very well in the abstract style, I had the rather expensive task of replacing them all. Fortunately, I don't work with a huge array of colours in my palette. Most times, I tend to use about 7 colours max, in a painting, some out of those really only for mixing.

I mixed up  warm undertone, which hints of green in it, for the toned surface, using raw sienna, a neutral mixing grey and a tiny bit of cobalt blue. Next step will be to work up the drawing onto the surface. I prefer working on a toned surface, having begun on white in my earlier painting years in my 20s, I moved into working on a toned surface some time into my 30s. I find that one has to do a lot less work building up the form on a id toned surface. The tone I mix I tend to loosely decide upon depending on my subject and the colours in it. Most often, I tend to work on a warm mid to light neutralized sienna colour. It works great for giving skin that glowing peaches and cream look, and for working with cool neutral tones with, which abound in flesh.

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