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Monday, 9 February 2015

Drawing Progress on Large Pencil Figure Drawing

Despite having a bad cough and feeling a bit under the weather, I made an effort to get some drawing in on the large pencil drawing I need to complete by May. Concentrating currently on the straight edges and perspective of the siding and sliding glass windows on the left is quite boggling on the eyes and the brain.

Keeping the thickness and the spacial divisions of each piece accurate, attempting to keep them from being too "mechanical", yet not curving involuntarily, is challenging. Visually, it can be quite frustrating viewing the reference then turning to look at the drawing, keeping track of exactly What area should I be in, where is that line, etc. etc. Drives you nuts! lol!

I learned long ago that using perfect ruler straight edge tools to render edges of long things such as edges of window trim, doors, etc. can give subjects an appearance of being to mechanically perfect, not weathered, or imperfect man made objects. So I still go by this what I felt was accurate advice and I lightly establish a straight line with a ruler but I render the straight edged areas by hand, obliterating the original light line. This accomplishes 2 things: keeping the subjects real, not mechanical drawing like, and also allowing me to use shading and form of one object to define the edge of the object next to it in many cases, something I have developed as a drawing style end feel works.

How I tend to keep that under control is by doing a bit of each width and values, a piece of a few in a row sequentially, to keep everything in its right spot, right thickness, and begin to establish the space without hugely committing to a fully done section then finding out "oh crap, I made that one piece way to thick so now the rest cannot fit accurately" lol! I've had the odd little fudge here and there, couldn't be helped, but so far they are very minor, they don't cause issues to the perspective nor the accuracy of the pieces and materials depicted.

Major drawing changes I had to make were due to distortion that occurs in all photos usually. I had to correct the verticals as they leaned in the reference photo, while keeping the receding angles for the horizontals. As the viewer, I was not standing straight on to this scene, hence why the wall and house angle away as they recede towards the horizon on the left.

I hope to have most of the background subjects completed by mid to end of March so that I have a month left to complete the body and the last bit left of the face. The tattoos on the skin where there is hair is a difficult and challenging rendering job.

The following image is a cell phone pic so not the best quality and resolution. Not to mention it was taken at a bit of an angle.

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