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Friday, 5 September 2014

Have Never Seen So Many Birds!

We decided to take a walk down to Birkdale Ravine, near our condo, Sunday. I had a hunch that we may see some Hummingbirds. We had seen them the weekend before near the little community ctre garden and I missed getting a picture. Beautiful little creatures and very fast! Well, we did spot them and again and I still could not get a shot lol! Great to see them though. I mistook the thing for a big dragonfly at first.

Not to mention, there were so many birds that my eye didn't know Where to look. I for one have Never seen so many birds flitting back and forth, and such a huge mix, all in one spot. We weren't far past the beginning of the path, at a fork, and the trees on both sides were teaming with birds. There were tons of warblers, some juvi chestnut sided ones, a black and white warbler, a juvi cedar waxwing, yellow finches, tons of juvi robins, cardinals, fly catchers galore, flickers, and of course the elusive humming bird. They hung for quite a while and eventually they dispersed. It was quite amazing, and noisy lol! We even saw an Osprey as we left the park.

A wasps nest, though beautifully textured, given my recent 2+ week lasting sting area, was a disconcerting sight.

On the walk back through the parking lot near the community centre, quite a cute and humorous sight ran across in front of us - a squirrel with a trio of acorns still on the branch lol!

Not the world's most fantastic images, but they captured some of the birds we saw.

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