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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Do It Myself Project

Well, though we were disappointed that we got nowhere trying to buy the Fasade tiles from Home Depot as no one had any idea how to special order them and to purchase them from the manufacturer needing only 12 isn't possible, so we ended up coming up with a way cheaper idea for our bar face. A metallic or textured wallpaper will do.

I finally stopped procrastinating on painting with the colours and ideas I had for our condo when we first were in it. In stead of sitting and working on designing stuff in Photoshop for a little while, I decided I should start getting to the painting wall by wall. Once it is started, it is actually fun. I began with the kitchen. Got the electric blue I wanted and got that on. The terracotta colour with the combing effect is the next step and I am excited to atempt that. I hope it looks like what I see in my head as if not, oh well, it'll have to stay.

Looking at the small strip of bar back splash that runs behind the sink and 90 degrees to the counter top, I had an idea that will be another project. I want to do a mosaic tile area there. This type of thing is not something I am familiar with doing but I want to attempt it as I feel it would go so well and be so warm and fit right in to the south western or Mexican feel we both enjoy in our surround. Colour is so positive feeling and both of us enjoy some colour in our environment. Possibly because we are both artists.

Investigating, I discovered a fairly good how to page for mosaic tiling. Once ready, I'll need to make sure I know what the materials I need are. As well, we may need to figure out a mesh base as the tiles won't be sitting flat, but upright on a facing towards us surface and also the surface is a veneer surface in a man made material currently and I don't personally know its adhesion abilites. The other possibility is to do it on a flat piece of hard board and mount that to the surface after doing the tiles on that flat surface which would be pre-cut to fit. Figuring out the source of these broken tile pieces will take some innovation but should be fun. The second area I'd liek to do with some sort of mosaic design is the area behind the stove where there is boring white tiles presently. These projects may need to wait as they will take some time and some pre planning.

How to a Lay a Broken Tile Mosaic

Make a Mosaic from Broken Tiles

me up on counter edging wall

blue base coat done - ready for comb effect in terracotta

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