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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Doris McCarthy Trail

We decided to brave the Doris McCarthy Trail again despite the scary loose running big black dog I saw the first time lol! It most likely just belonged to one of the properties that back onto the forested incline that leads down to the path.

The trail is gorgeous, but be prepared to make the big climb back up it afterwards. We love it as it is a beautiful, very natural and wild path despite its Scarborough city location, and it is excellent exercise! Lots of avid runners passing us on the path, which would be quite challenging as it is not even, nor flat, and has lots of crevices and rocks on it. The view of the creek is stunning, the blossom trees gorgeous, there is an abundance of dragonflies and butterflies, as well as moths and pretty wild flowers. A Red Tailed Hawk was being chased by what appeared to be cow birds or black birds, above the bluffs as we watched for the rocks on the shore. We even saw a white tailed deer, eating, then she crossed right in front of us tentatively on the path and continued up the incline into the more dense wooded area.

We had heard there were fossils in all the big rocks at the bottom, at the shores of Lake Ontario, but we failed to find them the first time we were down there. We've been there twice since the dog incident and the 2nd time we feel we did find them. Ok, they aren't the exciting type one may imagine, complete shells in rock or something, and really, the rocks they are in are put there, not naturally occurring there. Most likely they are impressions from plants, vegetation, possibly one was from bone but I am not a fossil expert. Not the shell impression I had imagined and gotten all excited about in my mind lol! I have been up north and seen naturally occurring fossils in rocks and we have found a couple really neat ones in Bowmanville, in rocks we discovered on walks.

The Doris McCarthy Trail has fast become one of my favourite hikes and places of interest. We hope to go back a few times over the course of the next year, and beyond.

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