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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Birdie Smorgasbord at Bluffers Park!

Well, we were treated to quite the variety of birds this morning at Bluffers Park in Scarborough. Having gotten up at 5:45am to venture out somewhere, we hit Rosetta McLean Gardens first, hoping to see the Red Fox that others have seen there often. No such luck, but we did see lots of warblers, squirrels, cardinals and pretty flowers, mainly Daffodils. The Cat Birds were plentiful there, and loud, crazy lol!

We then headed to Bluffers to see what was out and about there. It was around 7:45 by the time we parked and were walking. Not much at first but as we headed to the west, near the high bluff cliffs, just before entering the marsh area and metal bridges, we spotted 3 Bobolinks, closer than we'd ever seen, Baltimore Orioles eating, chasing each other and gathering nest materials, as well as an Orchard Oriole. In the small trees around the marsh area, there were Yellow Warblers, Warbling Vireos, American Gold Finch, and different Sparrows.

Driving over to the east area, near the beach, along the path that heads west, we saw tons of Cliff Swallows and although far, the images I took show that there were hundreds and there holes were plentiful and way out of harms way in the sand and clay of the bluff walls.

Just a gorgeous Saturday morning out there!

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