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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

New to Me - Carel Fabritius "Goldfinch"

I inadvertently discovered a painting I've never seen before, by an artist from the 1600's, a student of Rembrandt no less. How I discovered this? I have a Flickr account from way back, mainly used to host images of small more loosely painted acrylic paintings I sold through the notorious eBay, as well as to share pics via albums - used mainly as an image hosting site. I recently discovered that I can view my Stats, something I generally don't care enough to spend time doing on the few websites I post images on, even when I had a portrait commission site years back. I noticed in my Stats that someone found my images through a Google search for Goldfinch Painting. I followed the link back to the Google search and in the foray of images, one caught my eye. Wow!

I am putting the image here, of this painting by 17th century artist Carel Fabritius. He has other bird paintings too. But this one was my favourite! My boyfriend will chide ( he Loves Rembrandt, although I feel my boyfriend's work is more thrilling visually than his even lol!) me but I actually like this painting better than his teacher Rembrandt's work lol!

GOLDFINCH - by Carel

MY GOLDFINCH  (Carel's is definitely better!)

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