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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Still Drawing

I don't get a chance to work on it tons, but I still am continuing to put in a few hours here and there on my drawing. Bit of a pain setting up the still life every time but it does not take too long and isn't too difficult to get it placed right, quickly. The crate that I was given by my grandparents when I was a teen is our coffee table so it always is right there, and then there are 3 objects only, and the lamp is already on an extension cord so I can just pull it over whenever I want to work on the drawing. 

I set everything aside during the week, for the next weekend. It's hard waiting all week to do art but it is what it is lol! I do use a lot of time to get out on hikes and picture taking on weekends, which I love now almost as much as painting and drawing. If I chose to only devote my weekend leisure time to art then I'd be doing a lot more but subdividing the 2 days to include other things, on top of drawing time, means 2-3 hours a week, which is fine.

The feather was what i worked on this past weekend. Working out the best method for getting the feather down is challenging. So far, I am using a large area lay in then rub back lights with the soft eraser, combined with some direct line work. The soft fuzz at the end of the feather will be the most difficult to get down.

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