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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Tommy Thompson Winter Birding

Seeing such a beautiful weekend was coming along, we decided to make a trip to Tommy Thompson Park at the base of Leslie Street, to see what ducks and such we could spot. As well, it's always good to get a nice long 3+ hour hike in.

We didn't get to see much real close, but my little favourites were there, frolicking in the water, the Long Tailed Ducks. I love their sound. Not often do we spot the Cardinals out in the open, as they tend to be fairly chicken everywhere we go, where we see them. But, they were feasting on the dried red clusters on the wriggly Sumac trees. We saw a pair of Ravens fly by, they are such amazing, majestic birds, and with their dinosaur sounds.

There were 2 sort of new, and rare to us, sightings. We saw a Herring gull, a juvi, hunting fish, as well as the Great Black Backed Gull flying overhead near the west bridge area.

The light was pretty gorgeous, a weird sort of almost hazy atmospheric frosty look to it, which made for some beautiful landscape captures. I put on my light shield on the front of my lens, I never do that, but I thought that maybe I'll see what it does to cut some of the over brightness and too dark shadow issue.

One thing we noticed, which at first, though we logically knew it could not be, was this continuous tinkling almost peeping frog sound, which we thought may be the hundreds of ducks that were clustered, we heard it all the way along the edge of the water on the north side. It got louder as we neared the largest grouping of red headed ducks. When suddenly, we realized it was the broken pieces of ice, clinking together as the waves pushed against them. I grabbed a little video and although the wind sort of wrecks it a bit, the tinkling is audible.

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