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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Funny Birds and Animals

Pretty cold today, -13, especially down by the lake this morning at 8am. We haven't been down much this year, nor last, as no longer living 5 mins from the lake in Whitby kind of makes it a bit of a usage of gas and more than a 20 min drive, in Scarborough where we live now. But, we do go down here and there.

The sunrise over Lake Ontario is often gorgeous, and there are an array of birds and animals we love to watch. We took raw peanuts down this morning for the jays, squirrels, and some smaller wild bird seed for the other birds.

We didn't spot the one animal we hoped to see there today, but the red squirrels and the birds were quite funny today. The red squirrels, though the smaller squirrel, were aggressive enough to scare off the black squirrels, the cardinals, even the jays.

A couple of cute and funny shots from the morning at the lake.

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