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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Sharing a Great Fitness .Com site - Fitness Blender

Cannot recall exactly how I found this fitness program but I absolutely Love it!

Creative people often are sitting and this can wreak havoc on one's health, bmi, and cardio. We need to get up from our creative processes and move!

Fitness Blender Website

They also have a Youtube Channel as well.

I just recently began doing the Low Impact Cardio Beginner Workout which is 27 mins long with a warm up and cool down. I am able to do this in a small condo, small space, with only a yoga mat on a runner rug on laminate flooring. I run the video off my propped up cell phone so I can see and follow it, till I get to know it by heart.

There are quite a few really good beginner or not to aggressive programs. They will even work out a custom program and a nutrition schedule for you for a fee. They have a wonderful site and great videos. What I have experienced and love best about Fitness Blender is that the videos are easy to follow, the moved easy to understand and learn and they require minimal to nil equipment and in many cases, space. I Heart these people!

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