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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Dunlins at Second Marsh!!!

Never have I ever seen this bird, a Dunlin. I believe from what I read on the Wiki link, that we were lucky to see one as most likely, this migratory bird was on a stop over during its trip from the arctic to far south of here. It was such a delicate, cute little thing! Also, not shy, paid no notice to us as we stood and marveled at them, walking within a couple feet of us along the shoreline, hunting for bugs I guess.

There were about 30 - 40 of them and they would take off in a group in flight once in a while, over the water, landing as a group a few feet further along the shore. I took about 50 pictures of them as I doubt I'll be seeing any more any time soon.

Note: discovered they are No big deal to spot lol! Oh well, it was still exciting to us :-)

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