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Sunday, 1 September 2013

WTF is this?! UPDATED!

On  walk, we saw this weird hairy white stuff on the branch of a tree. NOT sure what it is. Googling did no good. My best guess would be some sort of mold or fungus. A big fluffy white catepillar is out as an option lol!

NOTE: On Oct 5th, we discovered what this white fuzzy stuff was that we saw a few weeks ago. It is a mass of woolly aphids!!!

We saw on Oct 5th, while walking at Second Marsh, the east most side, near the GM plant in Oshawa, little fuzzy lavender coloured tiny tiny moths, the size of about double a fruit fly, flying lazily in the air. Apparently, this insect, considered a pest, despite being just adorable to see up close, it a species of aphid that was occidentally introduced in the southern US around 2004. Well, we also appear to have them in Ontario, cause I was catching them on my arm.

The photos on top and bottom are mine. The second image is From This Website with info on this insect..

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