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Monday, 27 May 2013

Seagulls Don't Just Eat McDonald's Fries

The funniest (not at the time though) Seagull episode I've encountered was at the Toronto Zoo. My son was about 6 and my daughter 4. We used to have a yearly pass and I'd take the kids there about 6 or 7 times in a summer. My daughter was terrified of the animals and my son would get bored lol!

Not often would I buy lunch because it was bloody expensive. But, off and on I would. I tend to enjoy eating out, unfortunately, as opposed to making and bringing food on day excursions. One of the times that I bought McDee's for the kids and I, I had just enough cash on me and we basically had about 5 cents left after I paid $20 or so for lunch. So, when my son reached up holding his hamburger, out of which he'd probably had one bite, in his hand, and it was grabbed right out of his hand by a seagull, and he was balling his eyes out, I gave him mine because they didn't take debit (if it existed) at that time and I couldn't get him a new one lol!

Needless to say, the last little while, I've had fun trying to photograph gulls actually fishing for their food - ever since we discovered one evening's windy weather had brought tons of little fish up on the waves, leaving many on the shore to flip helplessly, but most were being hunted by the hundreds of hovering gulls. It's quite the sight to watch them fly, look down, raise up and stop and hover, then dive under the water, often with their catch.

They aren't just scavengers, they actually work for their food too :-)

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