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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Rather Wet Walk

We attempted today to go for a longish walk, fully aware that the weather report was Not in our favour. However, the drive is too great lol! Gave it a shot but had to abandon it about an hr in.

We began at Halls Rd., to have a quick look for the Barred owl who hadn't looked so good almost 2 weeks ago, but we did not find it. In our brief stop there though, we spotted a raven flying and chasing a small group of gulls, a Northern Harrier Hawk, as well as a deer who blended right into her surroundings. She gave us a look then wandered off into the field and munched vegetation.

Our main destination was the eastern end of Second Marsh  It was quite water logged at the entrance but we got onto the path. As soon as we started the walk, to our left in an inlet off the lake, there were a few Teals and Shovelers together, up on the marshy shore and swimming. We ventured out through the flattened land towards them, hoping to get a better peek, but alas, they chickened out and flew off to a different area.

It began to come down a bit more so we decided to abandon the walk and do groceries instead. As we left, we heard what sounded like not quite real, electronic duck calling in the distance. We spotted people through the trees, probably using some sort of instrument to make duck calls lol!

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