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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Lens Flare Tool in Photoshop Elements

I've always liked the look of filtered light and lens flare in photos, it has a neat dreamy almost dated effect that I love. Though one can see it in their lens when taking pics in certain lighting conditions, like evening sunlight coming towards one through trees, etc., never what is seen in the view finder makes its way onto the captured image.

My boyfriend mentioned a tool in Photoshop CS5 where lens flare can be added to an image. I don't have this program but have a simpler version of PS called PS Elements 9. We looked and I do have this tool!

Rather than searching through thousands of images on my hard drive for one that would work well with adding lens flare, I took a few shots on the way back from a short evening walk. Some tall grasses with the evening sunlight coming through them from behind, that would work perfect with lens flare. I played around with the lens flare tool on a pic which I liked the composition of, toned down the sun shape edges with a yellow tint to get rid of that un-natural diamond shape, and ended up with a pretty pleasing image to my eye :-)

added lens flare

original untouched image

real lens flare - untouched image

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