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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

American Coot and Odd Sight in Tree

Though it was pretty dismal out, at least the rain had subsided. We went out to see if we could find the Barred Owl that did not look real great the last time we saw it. It only had its eyes half open, even when the odd sound or movement seemed to alert it slightly. It seemed hunkered down a bit and puffyish. No one else was around so I walked within a couple feet of it in the tree we saw it in, but I could not tell if it was sick or not. It had a speck of blood on its beak so I hoped this was a recent sign of a meal for then it meant it was able to catch food still.

We could not find the owl this quick look out, but we did see something in a tree which we hope is Not really something sad as I suspect it was. What appeared to be a youngish raccoon was curled up in a ball in branches near the top of an old apple tree. It seemed lifeless. I tried clapping and shouting a bit to see if it would move. It was very sad as it seemed to be dead, but I could not tell for sure. Maybe it was just asleep, as they do sleep in trees.

One positive thing came of the walk, we saw a pair of American Coots. They are so cute how the bob their necks back and forth as they swim through the marsh. This was a first for us, we have only seen a dead one on the shores of Bowmanville a year or so ago. We also heard how they sound, which was very neat.

Hopefully by the weekend, we will run across the resident Barred Owl again and that it will be fine.

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