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Monday, 2 July 2012

Second Marsh Privileged Sightings!

Saturday (had to delete and repost due to bugs in the interface!!!), we decided to get up early and venture to Second Marsh, mainly to see if we'd get lucky and spot a Kingfisher.Well,we ended up seeing quite a few, however it was not easy to get a photo of them. Elusive little buggers. They must have good hearing. As well, we saw what we at first though had to be a deer walking far out in the water of the marsh. Looking through the camera lens, we realized it was a coyote! The ducks and blue heron couldn't care less that it was skulking through the water right by them. It was far so we did not get great shots of that either. However, and generally I find plant and flower life boring subjects, I did get some of the nicest shots of them that I ever have butterflies lol! I'll do a second post with some of those.

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