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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Discovering Mount Nemo in Burlington

We had the opportunity to visit the Burlington area and chose a conservation area that looked interesting - Mount Nemo. Definitely worth checking out! The area is very similar to what we experienced at Ball's Falls near Hamilton. There are crevice caves and dizzying heights from which to view the landscape below. You even can spot the Toronto city center from the top of the escarpment. There are 800-1000 yr old trees all along the rocks at the edge of the escarpment. The bird and animal life there is not as prevalent as in some areas we go locally in the Whitby area, but the landscape is different and very exciting to view. There are turkey vultures to be seen at eye level as they tend to glide on the updraft off the escarpment cliffs. It's possible to explore the crevice caves although it is discouraged from Sept to April, when bats are hibernating. Our hike was about 3 1/2 hrs and partly on the Bruce Trail where at one point there was access down the escarpment to below where we met a road and old grave yard.

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