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Friday, 22 June 2018

Glad I Found The Bird Man of Toronto

A couple of weeks ago, during one of my lunch time walks near where I work, I discovered an amazing wood crafter carving on the street corner. I discovered later, his name is Ross Ward, and he is known as The Bird Man of Toronto.

He carves these wonderful little primitive style wood birds on perches.

Walking back down Yonge Street, to turn on to Edward, at the corner there by a lunch place, which I believe is Panera's (they are good by the way!) I walked by this man sitting on the sidewalk, holding something, seemingly carving, 2 little birds sat on the ledge of the store's window.

I'm fairly shy with initiating conversations with strangers so though I was curious, I continued on (plus I only had 10 mins left). Something made me stop, I wanted to look closer, so I stopped, turned and walked back. I thought, he cannot see me as he is facing the other way so I'll look a little closer and leave if I wasn't comfortable. I looked, and indeed, he was carving a little piece of wood. I saw that they were birds, I was right. I love birds! My husband and I are both fairly avid hikers and bird watchers, though not expert nor super serious in any way, more a love nature and exercise and photography way.

I crouched down to ask him if he is always here, and he said not always, though he used to be, in the past. He gave me some locations where I could find him often. I memorized as best I could, said I only had a few minutes left for lunch and I would look for him another day. Back at work I thought, hey, there Has to be something online from somebody about this guy, and sure enough I did find some stuff as well as images too, from other buyers.

I so wished I had had money on me so I could have bought one of his little birds to take home that day, but alas, I rarely carry cash (who does nowadays I guess). So, I thought, I'll take a chance and look next day. Well, happily, he was there again. He probably took a chance I may come back. Plus, it was his old haunt he had mentioned.

So, now I own 2 of his sweet little birds and I look at them all the time at home, while I work on my own creative pursuits, and I feel so honoured and happy that I had chosen to go that route on a walk that day which allowed me the opportunity to discover this wonderful and genuine artisan here in our amazing city, Toronto!

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