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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Exciting Birds and Animals This Summer So Far

We've been to a few of our local haunts this past late Spring and Summer so far.

This year, we've seen a few really cute sightings and had some cute encounters with baby animals, and have seen some juvi birds.

In these couple of instances, I didn't get good pics, only a couple not so great cell pics, unfortunately, as I didn't have my DSLR.

On the way to the entrance to the RT in the morning, there's a cement accessibility ramp, as well as stairs. It was May or early June, and as I headed for the stairs, my husband, who walks me to the subway some mornings, spotted a tiny baby bunny. Then, we spotted 3 more. One was actually half way up the ramp heading towards the doors that enter the walkway to the TTC. I dropped my bag and chased it to try to capture it so I could put it back with its brothers and sisters. They all were hanging around the empty square garden area at the base of the walkway. I did finally corner the little thing and cupped it in my hands, holding it until I got it to where the other bunnies were. I didn't like that they all still seemed so vulnerable, but there was no way I could really do much about it. My husband said that an hour later they were no longer there. A month later, we spotted one, a bit bigger by now, in the grassy area outside our condo.

The next encounter, outside the window of our ground level condo gym, we spotted a shadow going back and forth every 10 minutes or so, out of the corner of our eyes. My husband looked behind and out the window was a mom squirrel carrying a baby squirrel up the cement pebbled pillars that lead up to a narrow cross way on the outside of the building. I waited for a bit to see if she'd go get another one, but she didn't appear. Weeks later, there again, was the mom, up on the top of the narrow crossway with her one baby sitting beside her, in silhouette against the bright sky. The pic shows a reflection in the window, too, of the Mom and baby squirrel.

Getting back on track again, we've had some cool bird sightings so far this year. A brown thrasher at Rosetta, blue jay, cat birds, cute squirrels, a black squirrel with a red tail, red eyed vireos, wax wings, flycatchers, hummingbirds already, and more!

The biggest thrill was getting to see the little baby Killdeer at Doris McCarthy Trail in early July. They were so tiny, adorable little replicas of their parents. I couldn't get great shots, even with my 70-300 mm zoom as they were pretty far away.

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