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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Portrait Painting Progress

Still a bloody long way to go, but am ramping up weekend painting, putting that is a priority the next 6 months or so.

More progress on the portrait of my daughter last weekend. Will get 3 or so hours again in this weekend.

Since I sit cross legged on the floor, it's hard on my legs and feet, sending them to sleep, which feels horrid waking them up every 20 mins or so.

Some corrections will need to be made as this goes along, and the background in the end will need an assessment, mainly for it being less saturated than the figure, grey back a bit and more atmospheric.

I bought my husband the wrong brushes one day, on a brush buying errand at Curry's which is a walk from my work, but they work awesome for my painting needs, so it worked out. Luckily, because they were expensive.

I accidentally painted on the wall, which won't matter, since I've had the dark burgundy paint since last year, to paint it with, and will do that once Winter comes. White and light walls are not my thing lol!