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Monday, 7 September 2015

Mom and Baby Deer Sighting!

Always nice to get out for a walk and it's quite a treat to have a place that is only about a 10 to 15 min walk away, the Birkdale Ravine in Toronto. Late afternoons are a great time to go for a nature hike or walk. The light is pretty and many butterflies and dragonflies tend to be out in the late sunshine.

We'd heard that people have spotted deer in the meadow area but I can't recall if we've seen deer there before ourselves.

As we walked, I noticed that the clouds looked slightly ominous. We reached the meadow just as it began to come down. We had just spotted a wolf spider in it's web when the rain started. I grabbed a couple photos as we don't see one of those every day, rarely ever. They are creepy looking yet fascinating at the same time. We ducked under a huge maple tree and the leaves were dense enough to keep pretty much all the rain off of us and my camera. Mosquitoes loved it too though lol!

It was about 20 mins or so before the rain finally let up. It stopped 2x and restarted during that time. Right near the end of the wait, I was looking ahead around the direction of the path we took in and jumped slightly at the sudden appearance of a deer. I knew there'd be more so we stayed still. Another stepped out, munching a flower as it did, and both stood near each other in the clearing of the grassy path. The what I now saw was a Mom deer, a doe, was alert and saw us, the second deer, what turned out to be an older fawn, was not so nervous. It was such a wonderful sight getting to see the Mom and baby deer, and the fawn even reach to nurse from the Mom. Then, they decided enough was enough of being out of the cover of the woods and turned and walked back in.

Such an enjoyable walk.

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