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Friday, 7 November 2014

Someone I Wish I Had Known

My husband and I listen to an internet radio station called Radio Paradise. I can recall the first song I heard on it, that I ended up loving and saving to an on line playlist. It was Eros by Mich Gerber. Since then, most of the music that was once foreign seeming, is now so familiar that the station is starting to sound like the top 40 Hits of some local radio station lol! Ok, well not exactly, but familiar none the less. Some songs are new world, some main streamish and some vintage, some obscure. Too much Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen (sorry, not my cup o tea) and they love David Byrne and Dire Straits,  but anyway .... love the station. Beth Orton is one discovery I made via RP though, whom I love, and Leo Kottke.

There are Forums where people comment on the music, good and bad, sometimes funny. I am not one to bother wasting the energy and time anymore getting into it with strangers, especially on subjects as subjective as music (not to mention politics, religion, what is art, etc.) because really, what is the point? However, it is interesting and entertaining to read the comments off and on, try to predict them upon hearing a particular song, etc., and make some silly comments of my own here and there. Having done so since about 2011 or so, I ran across a member called Cynaera. Mostly, I began to notice RIP, miss you Cynaera, etc. comments. Although I really never got to know her, and came late to all these posts, though she was still participating on the site when we found the station. One day, I ran across something that indicated she was ill. Then, I saw a post that basically made me realized she passed away. Though I never knew her, it struck some sort of cord at the time, and I looked a little bit further. I think the main reason I took the time was that I saw how a lot of members, both surly and friendly alike, respected her.

What I saw is that we did not have the same tastes, we may have rarely agreed on anything, but something about her garnered respect and I wished I had known her. I found through her profile, which lead to her Blog. Sadly, she was gone when I looked into it, and it is on an old Live Journal platform that I think may no longer really exist the way it did then. But it is still up, as is her profile on RP. I spent over an hour one day reading some of her posts. Reading it again today after about a year or so has passed, seeing less and less reference to her posts, less quoting of her posts on RP, a reference to one tonight brought me again to her Blog, after about a year since last looking at it. Not sure how long it'll be up there, and I guess unless a path lead one to reach her Blog in a specific way, maybe it wouldn't really have much meaning. However, for as long as it lasts, I have linked to it, for no other reason other than I feel that others miss her and I can slightly feel why, just from what little exposure I had to her, which was infinitesimal really. RIP Cynaera.

Her Blog

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